Photo of Terra infront of a white background

Hello, I'm Terra!

I’m a Vancouver based web developer passionate about crafting seamless and beautiful digital experiences.

  • digital crafting
  • UX & UI
  • Web accessibility

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a selection of Web projects

Two giraffes graze among the trees with the Bushtops Camps logo centered in the middle of the image

Bushtops Safari Camps built at Wallop

  • JavaScript
  • Google Maps API
  • CSS animations

Bushtops Camps is a luxury safari brand based in Kenya and Tanzania. We developed their new website on Wordpress, aligning it with their updated branding. As a unique feature, the client wanted to highlight the Wildebeest migration's timing at each Bushtops camp, so we built a custom Migration Map using the Google Maps API and Wildebeest migration data to achieve this goal. The new website also streamlined information about the Bushtops experience for guests, increasing overall engagement and direct bookings.

Visit the Bushtops Camps site
The daanaa wordmark on a faded abstract dark blue background

Daanaa built at Massive Media

  • Gutenberg
  • PHP
  • CSS animations

Daanaa is an engineering startup specializing in groundbreaking energy conduction and storage methods. We collaborated with the client to create a new elevated brand and accompanying website to showcase their technology. By incorporating a blend of CSS animations, user friendly informational design, and adaptable content modules, we crafted a custom-built Wordpress website that exceeded client aspirations. This approach ensures that the site can evolve alongside the company, providing a solid foundation for their future growth.

Visit the Daanaa site
A white Graduate Hotels logo on top of a hotel room with two queen beds and a side table sitting between them

Graduate Hotels built at Wallop

  • Accessibility
  • Wordpress Multisite
  • speed optimizations

Graduate Hotels is a collection of hotels located in college towns across the USA and UK celebrating the college aesthetic. We built them a custom Wordpress multisite using a parent/child theme setup for brand and location sites. This scalable solution ensures a consistent user experience as their hotel collection expands. To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the site was meticulously crafted to adhere to WCAG 2.0 + 2.1 accessibility guidelines. Through extensive automated and manual testing, we identified and resolved any issues, guaranteeing an inclusive experience for guests of all abilities to book at any Graduate Hotel location.

Clients and companies

About me

  • Cat trainer
  • Sewing instructor
  • Central defender
  • Casual cyclist
  • Cider-enthusiast

With a background in design, and an interest in finding the intersection of art and science, I was driven to explore web development as a form of digital crafting.

Over my seven-year career, I’ve worked alongside talented designers and project managers to provide engaging, vivid online experiences for clients across various industries. Through these experiences I’ve honed an empathetic and compassionate approach to web development with a strong focus in web accessibility, site performance and end user experience.

DIY projects

A light wood cut piece in the shape of a monstera leaf with a triangle of plexiglass nailed to the top
wood working decor made at a friends in Port Alberni
A button up collared shirt in a peach print fabric on a hanger
peachy patina blouse pattern by Friday Pattern Company
Terra standing in her open back wedding dress in a field in front of a tree
my wedding dress self drafted and sewn with love and help
A white and terracotta granny square chrocheted blanked on a chair beside a snake plant
granny square blanket made up of 140 alternating squares